OpenFlow is basically a couple of NodeRED installations and an API on top of a MongoDB instance, using RabbitMQ for scalability. It is designed to supplement digitalization strategies by giving an easy to use, highly scalable and secure platform that supports human workflows, automation of IT systems and things (both Internet of things and Industry Internet of things/Industry 4.0 ). It also functions as the dashboard and enabler of enterprise features for OpenRPA

If in doubt, always use docker For production environment we recommend moving to kubernetes

Read more about the security model here.

Read more about the architecture here.

Read more about the web socket protocol.

Read more about size recommendations.

Quick start using docker

Installing using docker-compose

Examples and a few guides

Working with versioning

Creating your first user form using the old form designer

Using the mobile app

Notes when running without internet or behind a proxy server

How to deployment on kubernetes

Installing on kubernetes

using our helm-charts

How to install and manage OpenFlow using npm packages

Installing using npm packages

Installing remote/local nodereds using npm packages

How to build and run from source

build from source

Getting help from the community

Join rocket chat #openrpa or check out the community forum

For commercial support and access to premium features, contact openiap