When behind a proxy server

Notes when used behind a proxy server or without internet

Used offline

OpenFlow ( and NodeRED and OpenRPA ) can run completely without internet, but it does requires some preparation. And the preparations heavily depend on weather you are using docker/Kubernetes or using NPM packages. You will need to install a local docker repository, a local NPM repository and in some cases a local NodeRED catalog. Those will get documented at a later time, please reach out to openiap if you want consulting on how to do this.

Used behind proxy

If you are testing OpenFlow using NPM packages or docker and are behind a proxy, make sure to add an HTTPS_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY global/machine level environment variable for your proxy server. If you get an error about accessing also add NO_PROXY with the value:

If using docker, you need to add those 2 (or 3) variables to the docker-compose file for the web instance, if using the helm chart, you need to add them to your values file under OpenFlow. This will then re-add those for all NodeRED’s started, so NPM can pickup the proxy settings.